Folding Pocket and BBC Team Up For New Football Podcast

Defoe and Deeney Football Firsts launches on BBC Sounds' 'The Players Channel'
Mon 21st, Aug

The latest football collaboration between Folding Pocket and the BBC went live last week with the launch of Defoe and Deeney’s Football Firsts.

Ex-Premier League strikers Jermain Defoe and Troy Deeney have teamed up to re-live the formative moments from their journey to the top of the domestic game – including debuts, first goals and first red cards. Over the course of the series they’ll reflect on the key experiences that have shaped their careers on and off the pitch.

In episode 1, Troy and Jermain discuss their first strike partners. Troy remembers a super awkward meeting with one of his and JD reveals why you should never give Paolo di Canio the wrong size shirt. Troy remembers being enraged with one at Old Trafford and JD recalls how he felt when David Nugent nicked a certain goal off him for England. Troy also tells us about the time he took on a defender known as ‘The Fridge’.

Football Firsts is the latest in a series of football collaborations between the BBC and Folding Pocket, following Kammy & Ben’s Proper Football Podcast, Jermain Defoe: Outside the Box, If Blackburn Signed Zidane and Moment of Truth.

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